Has anyone had any experience in using Microsoft Azure for website hosting infrastructure? Would you recommend it?

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    As someone who's at a full Microsoft shop on Azure Cloud running Enterprise Sitecore.. don't.

    It's not that it is bad, we use Azure daily to spin up VMs and app infrastructure but, it's complex and really expensive and if your not sure what your doing your going to have a bad time. it's way easier for smaller non enterprise projects to try something else.

    To host a WP site with DigitalOcean is $5/mo USD. That same site on Azure using LAMP is $60/mo USD.
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    How quick is that $5 Apache WP site and do you get Cpanel? @Vip3rDev
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    Apache has been working well for me, it's not as cool to navigate and administer as Azure (the new front end admin tools are cool AF) but it has always worked for me.

    I would switch to Windows hosting if it wasn't so damn costly. @teganburns
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    @intromatt That's the smallest Digital Ocean droplet you can make.

    They have an auto installer for WP. There is no Cpanel it's just a native LAMP install of your choice (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc...). But there is server pilot.io which works with droplets to manage them. Very nifty.
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    @Vip3rDev server pilot asks for your root user password - WTF?! Why can't they install a Daemon using API keys for authentication?
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    How would this compare with crappy shared WP hosting.. Say GoDaddy? @Vip3rDev
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