Browser rant:

I just want to get this off my chest, IE isn't a bad browser. It's highly outdated but it was good back when the alternatives weren't there. And today it's new "browser update" Edge isn't bad either. Edge really is a neat freaking piece of software. Microsoft tries their best to make a browser for their operating system (and a browser engine for their new app format!) that means it has couple of features the alternatives don't (or only with plugins) - oh and plugins, they're coming too. And still it's not slow either. From my own experience (I say this because every user says their browser is the fastest) it's way faster than Quantum. Yet Quantum is still a very good browser because it's faster than the old firefox, I guess it's open source(?) and still a privacy focused browser. Chrome (my personal favorite) on the other hand is really the fastest thing you can get - if you allow it to use all your ram - (if people like linuxxx say firefox is faster for them, I'll just smile) but for everyone worrying about ram usage and "spying", well - you know what I mean. And still I can understand people trying opera or FF/Chrome/Edge mods, I myself love "Monument". Just stop saying a browser is bad because it doesn't have what you like/does have what you don't like. The only bad browser is Midori, okay? 😘

IE isn't bad but old. Edge isn't bad today. Every high end browser (edge, quantum, chrome) has their perks and none of them is "bad".

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    I disagree, ie was a bad browser. Webdevelopers had to struggle with it for a decade. They decided to ignore the standard and come up with their own jscript.
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    @plusgut I gotta say, I have not been there. Maybe it was a crappy thing to work with. But it set a great standard for browsers compared to netscape with IEs new looking simple ui (I haven't been there, you tell me). Even if most it showed was how not to do it.
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    @BambuSource netscape invented Javascript. That I call setting a standard.

    And yes to work with is was shitty,the debugging tools for js and css were so fucked up.
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    @plusgut Yet it was a great browser for sys admins as you could control it to an T with AD GPO's.
    I use qutebrowser personally. It takes a bit less ram compared to FF quantum and chrome and it's fully keyboard driven. Since I barely have to touch my mouse for the rest of my OS it seemed like an obvious choice.
    Half the time I end up using an webviewer in the terminal anyway.
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    I like to use edge for browsing and stuff because of the gesture support and some other stuff.

    The scrolling seems to be smoother ( I'm not sure, maybe it's just me) and the back and forward gestures are better than dragging the mouse to the corner or using the keys.

    Keeping some tabs to the side is a good thing but it just dumps all the opened tabs there, so I have to close other tabs.

    In short, It's seems to be good for browsing and reading.
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    Can I try edge on Windows 7? Nope u_u
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    @J-2FA The non profit organization that makes FF is owned by an for profit company.
    Just as an FYI.
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    1. true
    2. literally every modern browser (except edge maybe?)
    3. :)
    4. Up to you, I love edges design most tbh (UWP <3)
    5. also nearly every modern browser can have something similar
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    @J-2FA Mozilla Corporation yes.
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