It was so frustrating setting this one up. Lots of shouting in front of my monitors. But I think now I'm slowly getting somewhere with my first i3 setup.

Now to see if it will actually improve my workflow somehow.

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    It's polybar, yes. I'm mostly proud of the script I wrote that returns the song currently playing in vlc, even works with online radio so that's pretty cool.
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    No, I used the Webinterface of VLC and an XML parser, sounds like that was too complicated and it could have been easier. Maybe I take a look at that dbus thing.
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    @Qwby you should check out pywal for extra customisation and i3's built in scratchpad for improved workflow, just don't try to use terminator in scratchpad as far as I know it doesn't work.

    Pywal: https://github.com/dylanaraps/pywal

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    @GCHQ hey thanks for those recommendations, I'll be sure to check it out!
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    It will for sure improve your work flow :) never got happy with polybar, just using i3blocks with awesome font icons, it's also capable of holding my 1-2 applets for volume or sync client. Pywal is a great tip if you like the color scheme matching your bg picture (which I don't see very often). There are a lot of dotfiles repos on github to get inspiration from. Helped me to scream less at the beginning :)
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    @Lahsen2016 I recently came across a fix for the system tray icons in lemonbar

    it needs xprop and trayer, depending on the size of your screen in px youll have to adjust it, sorry for the one line script and I cant remember/find the original source but here it is if you are interested:

    trayer.sh: https://github.com/dean808/...

    i3 config: exec --no-startup-id ~/.config/i3/trayer.sh

    also youll have to add the -g option to lemonbar, for a 1920 x 1080 display i have mine set to

    -g 1884, this is so that it doesn't cover up part of lemonbar
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    Also the script will turn trayer into a window so you could use xwininfo to find out it's exact size and then take that away from the width of your monitor, would probably be a good idea to remove the borders from it as well, so that it looks like it's a part of lemonbar, hope this helps
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    @fun2code looks cool, but I have some add-ons in firefox that I need. May try it on the site but I don't think I can replace my main browser with it.
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