I hope they make an anime about being a dev and the enemy is the deadline.

Dev: ill use this coding technique number 111

Deadline: impossible

Insert explosion effect here

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    Developer: Ahahah! You didn't know my special technique : KISS!

    Deadline: NOOOOOOO!

    ~ Deadline was transformed in a sprint
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    Even though this would make an awesome anime if done correctly, I think that the world already has way too much entertainment that gives the wrong idea about dev things to the uneducated.
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    Someone needs to animate this
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    Would "Deadline" be a demon in the dev's mind or would it be something physical like an alarm clock or maybe a smartphone calendar app with speech features?

    I would love the demon mixed up with the smartphone app or something similar xD

    It could "Creep up", be fed by a boss' speech, and delete code that wasn't saved on purpose. (Attack it with git perhaps, showing how it would benefit etc)

    100% would watch!
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    Maybe "deadline" is a deamon (haha, linux pun) in the digital world, posessing the management to bring down a team of programmers whose pc's and laptops inexplicably turned into girls.

    I don't even want to imagine server rooms then.
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    Knight's & Magic, not exactly centered on dev life but it's funny seeing a dev reverse engineering a fantasy world
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    @plokko watched, enjoyed, felt bad to have enjoyed it.
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    @plokko Thanks, something extra to fill some time before bed (:

    Another one I liked is Re:CREATORS, but still not the d(a)emon feel to it. (:
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    You mean:
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