Tried to install an existing web dev project in Windows 10:
- Install Atom IDE and trying to clone git repo
- Git missing, installing Git for Windows
- Installing Node (so far so good!)
- npm install
- Python missing (???), installing Python
- Ruby (????????) missing, installing Ruby
- .NET Libraries missing, installing .NET 4.0 for the 100th time
- Visual Studio Libraries for C++ 2008 missing (now you're just messing with me mate), installing 4GB of Visual Studio Libraries
- [drumroll sound]
- .....
- npm install breaks with fatal error
- Git for Windows can't be found anymore

Switched to Ubuntu out of frustration:
- Installing Atom IDE
- Installing NodeJS
- Cloning git repo
- npm install
- project is running


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    You can the same experience on Windows with choco
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    @sunfishcc it is too late now mom, I have seen the glorious light of apt-get... O_O
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    @ebourgess How come? 😥
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    @frickerg apt-get update normally takes some time
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    @ebourgess Everytime I see people copy files to cloud server with ctrl+c and ctrl+v on GUI. I see the holy light of Windows
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    for me I'd never ever think of using these on Windows:

    1. Nodejs

    2. Python

    3. Ruby,

    4. React

    Though I didn't go further than intro courses in python, and once tried installing ruby for learning but never continued lol

    Always go with Ubuntu for these things, Windows is used only for .Net Framework stuff, even .net core is on Linux (irony)
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    And this is why you dockerify at least your dev stack.
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    @k0pernikus Can you please explain more, I never understood how that to be done, for example I have auto build for my Android app code in my Gitlab local instance, I had to download android SDK manually and then include it in my container so that it builds the code, but how do you use docker to tell Android Studio for example, that SDK is at x

    do you do it by mapping sdk folder in docker with a folder on host?

    Or are there other things to be done?
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    you are doing something wrong. not sure wjat, but your build cycle is much to complicated for your own good....
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    @gitpush I really need to try docker sometime. How hard to set it up?
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    Try having git for windows and asp.net randomly dying after a windows 10 update.

    After a lot of googling and swearing I never did resolve the git credential manager issue without reinstalling, and it turned out windows update had turned off IIS for some reason.

    Microsoft are really starting to piss me off with Windows.

    Nobody cares about the fucking magic tab and timeline feature, FIX THE FUCKING BUGS!!!!
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    @sunfishcc it is easy to set it up and get started. Check their docs:

    Install: https://docs.docker.com/v17.09/...

    Getting started: https://docs.docker.com/v17.09/...

    If you need help ping me in a rant and I'll come back to you
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    @gitpush awesome! I got a new Intel NUC waiting to setup this weekend. Thanks a lot
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    @sunfishcc You're welcome, by the way try it first on a linux server vm, so that you can mess around without effecting your main installation
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    What's an atom IDE? It's a text editor
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    @py2js of course, my mistake. It has a lot of IDE-like features that are optional so I use it as my main IDE for web development even though it isn't one by default. You can check it out here: https://ide.atom.io/
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    @frickerg it's not an ide even if they say that it is. It has very less qualities to qualify as an ide
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    @frickerg - I faced the same every time I do a new npm install in Windows.

    Did you try "npm install --global --production windows-build-tools" ? Run it as administrator, no need to install .Net or Visual Studio libraries. Ref - https://github.com/nodejs/node-gyp/....

    Again, if you reallllly want to go back to Windows for some reason and do this all over, now that have already moved to Ubuntu !!
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    @noder I think that I kinda fixed the issue with this command just before my Git broke, not sure anymore :)

    I already like Ubuntu a lot, it's very user friendly and easy to use (terminals don't scare me), so booting with Windows will only be necessary for working on my college research papers because all our school's templates are based on Office.

    However working on Ubuntu feels refreshing for development tasks, I'm using Ubuntu GNOME and learning some basics about Linux now!
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    Totally agree
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    Python and Ruby is for hippies and Linux is for hippies. That's why Windows ships with neither 😂
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    @ReverendLovejoy peace and love mah brudda
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    @sunfishcc Wouldn't it be nice if the Microsoft store had a cli like that?

    >ms-store nodejs
    >ms-store Python3
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    I am the only one who use windows insider build and all those thing and has no problem?
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    because some people don't have brains...
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    "Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers!"

    Yeah Ballmer, Windows sure is the king of dev platforms /s
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    The weird irony when Python requires Microsoft Visual C++. Sometimes will work after installing .NET framework since it includes some runtime stuffs
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    Hahahaha the marvels of Microsoft programming, it's buggy garbage but at least it looks nice right?
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    Makes no sense why people complain about Microsoft raising the bar against piracy. Idiots go get a linux
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    I don't know if you export your paths on Linux but they're called system environment variables in Windows and are not automatically set by the installation (they can be, if the developer does it). As for why it works on Linux, probably because you install all apt-get programs into use/bin which is automatically part of the system path.

    Personally, everything I install for development goes in a DevTools folder and I export the path .bashrc. the main reason I switched was getting hooked on i3-wm. The laptop manufacturer provided a power management tool on Windows which allowed me to set the laptop into super quiet mode (bit less performance) and the fact that I can't do that in Ubuntu seriously pisses me off.

    Also, have you ever tried getting cuda, cuDNN and the Nvidia drivers working properly on Linux? It's a huge PAIN compared to Windows.
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    @frickerg that's what I thought until I added bad repos
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    I had to install C++ packages SPECIFICALLY through visual studio 15 (17+ is different) so that I could use the better-sqlite3 package on npm, because you actually have to compile the c code yourself unlike every other npm package.
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    Try installing and building opencv apps on linux, and then try it building apps on Visual studio.
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    You forgot:

    -- Typing npm install on the command prompt...

    ... CMD (Not Responding)

    All hail the glorious CTRL ALT DEL dance of Windows!

    Can't blame ye for the change, certain things (specially in most web development) will work with little to no hassle on Linux. But if you truly want to (for example) take advantage of the Windows OS for Python development you can install Anaconda, works pretty well in Windows imo. I like all Operating systems....but windows does get on my nerves some times,
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    @irene I have never tried Visual Studio with Python but I'll take your word for it since I have used VS for .NET in the past(mostly ASP MVC ) and the IDE was a very pleasant experience.
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    @gitpush I've been doing heaps of python work on windows for a couple of years now! Nothing like Django though. Just scripting the world before PowerShell became decent.
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    @francommit I honestly don't really know about python, and I sometimes use Nodejs on windows but to make sure no issues happen I stick with Ubuntu, never had an issue on Linux with any of those
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    This happened to me so many times, i will never curse windows enough for the BS they are doing
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    @k0pernikus you run your entire Dev stack (including the idea?) In a docker container?
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    Wait until you learn to use docker. This will be much easier.
    Imagine this: you have to work on 3 different projects simultaneously and each uses a different version of php/node and MySQL. Docker is the way to go.
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    @polaroidkidd Not the ide. Yet I try to have a fully dockerized application. The source can be mounted inside the docker container, so changes within the ide directly translate to changes in the app.

    (Depending on the setup though. For scala projects, I only have the dependencies services, e.g. mongo db as a container through docker,-compose. The app runs locally. I'm not happy with that.)
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    opposite when installing a .net core app in linux

    off course you can always use docker
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    @Brolls Are you using W10 Insiders?
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    @magicMirror it's been a while but I've become a much more knowledgeable dev ever since... The PATH variable in windows fucked itself up somewhere, had more and more issues with programs and a reinstall of Windows fixed all the issues.
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