EEEEEEEEEEEE Some fAcking languages!! Actually barfs while using this trashdump!

The gist: new job, position required adv C# knowledge (like f yea, one of my fav languages), we are working with RPA (using software robots to automate stuff), and we are using some new robot still in beta phase, but robot has its own prog lang.

The problem:
- this language is kind of like ASM (i think so, I'm venting here, it's ASM OK), with syntax that burns your eyes
- no function return values, but I can live with that, at least they have some sort of functions
- emojies for identifiers (like php's $var, but they only aim for shitty features so you use a heart.. ♥var)
- only jump and jumpif for control flow
- no foopin variable scopes at all (if you run multiple scripts at the same time they even share variables *pukes*)
- weird alt characters everywhere. define strings with regular quotes? nah let's be [some mental illness] and use prime quotes (‴ U+2034), and like ⟦ ⟧ for array indexing, but only sometimes!
- super slow interpreter, ex a regular loop to count to 10 (using jumps because yea no actual loops) takes more than 20 seconds to execute, approx 700ms to run 1 code row.
- it supports c# snippets (defined with these stupid characters: ⊂ ⊃) and I guess that's the only c# I get to write with this job :^}
- on top of that, outdated documentation, because yea it's beta, but so crappin tedious with this trail n error to check how every feature works

The question: why in the living fartfaces yolk would you even make a new language when it's so easy nowadays to embed compilers!?! the robot is apparently made in c#, so it should be no funcking problem at all to add a damn lua compiler or something. having a tcp api would even be easier got dammit!!! And what in the world made our company think this robot was a plausible choice?! Did they do a full fubbing analysis of the different software robots out there and accidentally sorted by ease of use in reverse order?? 'cause that's the only explanation i can imagine

Frillin stupid shitpile of a language!!! AAAAAHHH

see the attached screenshot of production code we've developed at the company for reference.

Disclaimer: I do not stand responsible for any eventual headaches or gauged eyes caused by the named image.

(for those interested, the robot is G1ANT.Robot, https://beta.g1ant.com/)

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    I believe I speak for everyone here : what the fuck?
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    Would've looked better if it was written with Comic Sans
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    Why not put C# snippets everywhere and just code in C#.
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    @alanturingisgod The lang only supports expressions (with return value) to be used in an assignments RHS or for command arguments...
    So no use of any void functions AT ALL.

    I never knew writing one liners for everything would ever be a legit thing to practice, until now.
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