The craziest shit in my life just happened.

I left my laptop(basically my whole life) and my handbag at my dinner table and went to the the toilet for 4 minutes. I live in a ground-house in a rural area, and the front door wasn't locked.

After I exited the bathroom I noticed eevrything was gone. My laptop, my bags, my wallet. Everything. I panicked.

I quickly informed the local security authority while canceling my credit card and resetting all of my credentials, they with the help of the police they tracked the theives in 10 minutes in a neighboring town, with what it seems all of my stuff intact, which I am supposed to get tommorow.

This is both insane and a miracle. I am speechless and thankful to G-d. This is divine providence. I can't explain it in any other explanation

Watch over your stuff like your life depends on them. Don't ever leave your laptop even for a few minutes.

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    @JannikHv only if something good happens, otherwise it's either a tragedy, the work of the devil or God working in mysterious ways
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    I may be wrong, but shouldn't you always keep your doors locked?
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    By all means being religious is not a bad thing but let me tell you that the reason you got your items stolen was your own carelessness and the reason you got them back is because the authorities were doing their jobs really god damn well, so before you thank god, thank the people that actually helped you.
    In my book there is no divine providence, but only a web of connected reactions.
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    This is what we call "roller coaster of emotions"
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    Man, thank God. Be sure to do a backup of your hard driver and/or more mindful with your arounds.
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    @Qwby Exactly ! :)
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    Laptop = whole life?

    I expect that you haven't backed up anything anywhere then?
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