I am traveling 550 Km (9hrs) just to give my first interview for the position of Jr. Natural Language Processing Engineer.
Wish me luck...

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    Believe in yourself. You'll ace it :)
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    I have read Minimum Edit Distance, CYK, Hidden Markov Model for POS taggers, Dependency Parsing, Context free grammar, Regular Expressions, Vector Space Model, TF-IDF, Word Sense Disambiguation, Naive Baysian classifier, Support Vector Machine...
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    9hours... Really slow
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    When you get there start by telling them

    I just walked 500 kms
    And I just walked 50 more
    Just to be the man
    Who processes NL in your code.

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    So, interview over. I think I did good. Asked about my project (it is question answering system), feature extraction, query construction in the project, support vector machine, derive naive Bayes Classifier, design of a conversational agent, unsupervised vs supervised...
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    @bgencacat it's been over a week no reply. I guess I am rejected then. :(
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