Non-dev buddy: Dude I'm gonna report you to the tech department what are you hacking??

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    People are so out of touch with command line text nowadays that apparently it looks like hollywood's version of "hacking". I run Powershell scripts at work that scans through the files on our network and people see and are like "omg what are you doing!?"
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    happens over here all the time aswell...
    > runs `apt-get upgrade`
    "What are you hacking this time?"
    "Just updating my system..."
    "Yeah right...
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    what a noob, using Android studio for hacking...

    Dude use a better IDE like MS Word, notepad, but never Android Studio :3
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    People should see Mr Robot. It would help them understand that hacking is not what you actually see in those stereotype Hollywood movies
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    @gitpush nah fam. I use the calculator and Ms paint for all my hacking.
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    @FinlayDaG33k This - every fucking day. Booting up the laptop without boot animation and a guy beside me sad "ah, are you programming?"..
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    @NULLmaster ill hacker battle you real time while we both move around 3d graphical cubes and say things like "oh he's good but, I'm better" -every hollywood movie ever.
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    Nobody has ever gotten mad at me for command line stuff. All they start doing is laugh and excitedly watch as I “hack” the computer.
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    @NULLmaster teach me master 😨
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    He is a snitch and a retard. Why is he your friend still?
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    Android studio is an absolute piece of junk.
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    @Noob I need something to laugh at when I'm not working
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    @MikaY Watch The Office
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    People are so fucking clueless it blows my mind. They see anything tech related and they put up a huge mental block against even attempting to process it for what it is. take a millisecond to read some of the text on that screen, does ANY of it give an indication that the person is hacking?? Omfg I can't stand people like that...
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    @MikaY hacked fucking Google and are now downloading all em data so he can sell it to Mr ZUCC ;)
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    I hate that useless output window.
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    ITS time for a Bodyslam.
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