Have to do a jee project without any knowledge in java, in 2 weeks.

Why ? My classmates put me in a group when i wasn't here, of course they know nothing and are not going to code..
Fuckkkkkk you!

Well, any advice with jee ? Where should i start to get a good grade x)

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    @irene teacher answered with a « fuck you, too late now. »
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    I was absent for a good reason, justified by my chairman(Issue on a server at work).

    Ofc i don't want to do it, those fuckers don't deserve me to do it for us, but there a validation for the end year grade..
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    @irene yes.. with the lack of knowledge, gonna be hard, but i'll ask this morning to leave the group, i won't share the project. Still I'm annoyed af
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    @Jakuho nah. Man u got fucked up. Time for reprisal. Get a freelancer do it and then make your team mates pay for it.
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    @donnico so I'm going to punch them to pay ? Will never happen.. I'm too weak
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    Try this : https://javaee.github.io/tutorial/

    And good luck ;-)
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    Believe in yourself. One motivated person is better than a set of people (they aren't a group)
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    @Jakuho don't they need to pass the project as well? No money no code.
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    Update after negociation :
    I left the group and won't share anything, and i can decide the project, only must have is java web and a database, gonna do it

    @zazapeta gonna check it, thanks!
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