Ok I’m fed up. I feel that computer science major in majority of universities are filled with individuals that memorise code for their assessments as if it is history or civics major.
I mean wtf?
If all you are good at is memorising why did you that cs as your major?
And how far do you think is memorising the simple jackass 20 LOC long shit piece of coding program will take you in the industry?????????

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    I think those might be the people chasing money. I've noticed th e same thing tho in my classes
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    Oh yes. I have seen my top grade classmates fucking byheart the code.
    Seriously byheart but how.

    When I asked the reason why are you using this variable, they always reply werent you there in class while this was explained.

    Later I told them to replace variable abc with xyz they wouldnt move forward at all.

    They need that fucking byheart code as their answer.
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    @zokazavevu so true.
    I once tried explaining a small chunk of code to a fellow classmate. In the end the fucktard said: “Forget it, I’ll just byheart it for the assessments”.
    This exact statement led me to think “Why shouldn’t i fucking kill you?”
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    @exceptnEncntr Just dont kill anyone we need you. You and I are source the of new devrants. Haha
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    @zokazavevu they can get a major with top scores. Then first interview they will be laughed at.

    If you are doing CS stop worrying about code and learn algorithms, and software engineering.
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    Memorizing? Makes me think of math class. Most classroom mates passed on theory and memorizing exercises. I mostly had about 55% on math because there was also theory in the test 😁
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