Linux, you never fail to amaze me!

Started using Arch based Manjaro with xfce de couple of months ago. Everything was mostly fine even though I've never used anything that was based on Arch but it had a learning curve.
Couple of weeks ago I couldn't update my packages, I thought it would fix it by itself but I was wrong as you already probably know.
So yesterday I tried to manually fix it. Famous last words. After a lot of googling, trying some terminal commands - and failing, I see a warning labek on some text on the arch wiki - sudo pacman -Syi --force. I said fuck it and did it. Let's see if it works, I try to install a package, I mistype the name, press backspace - it puts a space instead of deleting?!?!?
I tried restarting, googling - nothing...
Guess I'll switch back to Debian based OSes.

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    @RantSomeWhere something along with * exists in the filesystem, like a lot of lines of that
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    I had a nightmare of an experience with Manjaro on Skylake + nVidia. Decided to try Fedora 27 (although I have been a debian user all my life). Never ever have I had a more responsive and fast linux distro. I love it. If you were willing to give manjaro a chance, try Fedora.
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    @irene I wanted to try a derivative before jumping in to the OG arch
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    @matteusbrevik you think it would run nice on a dual core 1.3 laptop?
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    @usernotfound depends on your Ram and if you have ssd. If it lags then you could try a lighter desktop environment (like xfce for example). If you are struggling with resources Ubuntu MATE or Lubuntu are good choices too.
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