Are any of you guys colourblind?
If yes, I would love to know if you encounter any issues due to it, and how you deal with them.

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    @ArcaneEye when you switch on colourblind mode in mobile phone/PC do you notice any difference? I see same colours as before, but my colleagues say the colours look bland. I also have same red green brown colour blindness.
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    I'm not sure about how high I score on a color blind chart but, whenever I took the "numbers mixed with colors test" (I don't know the real name) I always end up making mistakes on half of the test items. This always bothered me as I now i see colors a bit differently than others but it has never hindered my job as I mostly work as a back end developer.
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    Did you know these were a thing?
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    @Brolls yes, I tried their online tests. It said it probably won't help me.
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    @happypotter shame :(
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