I know someone from Uni who used a green text on red background IDE to make sure the colourblind person sat next to him couldn't copy his code...

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    That is actually very clever!
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    But also kinda sad
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    @NickCh but not weird, i think.
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    Sure but Idk. I never really had a problem with people copying me. Since it will either help them get to learn some programming (even in the last minute) or it will show up that they are newbs later. I respect the fact that someone doesn't want to get copied and possibly suffer the consequences, this I find kind of extreme, smart? Maybe, but extreme
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    @NickCh agreed, I think it's weird and petty. Share the knowledge and it will help you learn more, improve your teaching, and they might find an error in your code anyway.
    Also red/green theme is revolting!
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    It is not nice, yeah. Sharing is good. But you mentioned this was at university. Different rules apply. You do not want someone to copy your code, because most university run checks if the solutions look similar. And if they do, in most cases both submissions get disqualified.
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    @code exactly couldn't say it better. That's the consequences I was talking about. @darksideplease
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    Fucking A
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    That would be very ugly... My eyes hurt just thinking about it
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    As an update, here is a re-creation of what this looked like... 😷
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    Dang I use green on red because it's cool.
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