**idea** => implemented.

An android application which aims to track Emergency Response Vehicles(e.g. Ambulance, Firetrucks) nearby.

Any suggestions, feature ideas are welcomed.

If you wish to contribute:

P.S. I'm new to Git.

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    Also another snap
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    @Charon92 Thank you for your concern.

    Why would it be illegal ? In fact it can actually help them as people will move out of the way if they know an ERV is coming. Although that's my opinion.
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    How do you get their location?
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    He needs to sell this idea to emergency units (not gonna happen, sorry). There's no public API (afaik).

    He says in github that emergency drivers would start the app and share it that way.
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    To make it happen for real, it would need to get goverment support or something major.

    I like the idea, but maybe you should harness the app to solve some other problem. Like, if you go through nasty breakup, you and your ex-partner could turn on the app when they go out -> you get notif when ex is close -> you can move somewhere else.
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    This could be an issue for emergency departments.

    Especially in countries where ambulance chasing is a problem.

    It’s a cool idea, and kudos for implementing it.

    But the whole point of the lights and sirens is to alert people that need to know to move.

    I’d say pivot and make this into something else, this could be the beginning of a great fleet management system.
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    @PrivateGER There is a ERV driver module. The driver has to start the app and it will broadcast vehicles location. The module to broadcast is protected with login screen
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    @Charon92 thank u. Its the first time I've heard of that the ambulance chasing is a sport. 😅
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    @okkimus I'm not sure what do u mean by need of public APIs for this app. Could you please elaborate.
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    @okkimus Yes the government has to endorse the app. Thank you for the response. The example is quite imaginative
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    @Brolls thank you for your response. I didn't know that ambulance chasing was a problem in some countries. Also this app will notify everyone inside 3km diameter a lot bigger area as compared to sirens or signals
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    @sslPoodle agree with you. The map is not very much interactive.
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    @sslPoodle well i wouldn't want to do that.
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    Well major part of open source projects are using apis that are widely available (such as weather api, map api, etc.). Your problem is that there isn't data widely available to track those ERVs. And to get countries to back this idea and to make investments on sharing data on all of the ERVs is in practice impossible.

    My point is, if you get 3 drivers to use your app (cos they think it's a cool idea, which it is) it would mean nothing. What's the chance for the user to be ever even 1000km away from those ERVs? Even if you get 100 ERVs it's pretty much meaningless.

    Ofc it's just a hobby project(?) so the actual use case might not be the number one concern. But if your technology works you can create some kind of use case for it. My "ex-avoider" maybe wouldn't be the best use for it, lol. :D
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    @okkimus Well thank you for the detailed explanation. It was a hobby project but I think that its a great idea and can be expanded further so that it could be used in real-world. I not quite sure how I can achieve that. Any suggestion on this point would be very helpful.
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    @Condor thank you for the response. As for the hardware beacons, my app itself works as the beacon (go to the github repo for more info).

    I think tracking the public transit, I think, is already implemented (e.g. Ola, Uber, Redbus etc).
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    Great for bank robbers 😄
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    @Jmann I can add voice notification, it's no big deal. However I haven't done any research.
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    @nbamaral thanks for your response. But could you elaborate more.
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    I live in Mumbai. This app would drive me mad
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    @Teknas doesn't matter bhai. Don't switch it on if you are not on street.
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