Unpopular opinion time:
Blockchain is just overrated git log.

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    At least there are no illegal things hidden in a git log
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    @ArtNo I am pretty sure that someone already put something less legal in their git...
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    @ArtNo don't confuse the tool with the way it is used. Kitchen knives are much worse, if you wanna go the route of fallacies.
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    @endor Well to be fair, Kitchen Knives have never killed someone, it's the person who wields it :)
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    @ArtNo did "blockchain" ever kill anybody on it's own?
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    Did the chicken even want to cross the road?
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    Who own git log ? And who own Blockchain ?

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    That fucking "links to illegal things are illegal" debate.

    According to that reasoning, Google is also guilty — plenty of links to illegal content. Try searching for "game of thrones torrent". Or are links to links to content OK?

    It would have been a different story if bitcoin contained full sized files, but it's strings of bytes, some of which apparently link to illegal material.

    And as fucking aggravating child abuse is, as much as we would like a cleanup of certain material on the internet, outlawing bits is a near impossible battle. Invest a few billion in healthcare, investigation and education instead so you can detect mental health and abuse issues in real life, at the source, rescue kids, punish creators.
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    BitCoin is a crowd sourced bug bounty program.
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