I hate people.

Someone just stole my laptop out of my car.

Why me?

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    damn so sorry to hear that, how did it happen?
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    @poster983 holy shit, what a fuckin asshole
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    That's why I am never leaving stuff like electronics and backpack on back seats and always putting them in the trunk :/

    Wait.. That IS trunk??
    Well duck... :(

    I menat, usually trunks have like these covers, so you can't see what's inside :(

    I feel you :/
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    What a fuckin dick?! That sucks!
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    @WilliamDyer normally I don't, but I forgot that it was in my car.

    Stupid me
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    Was it a mac? If yes, the thief probably wants you to switch to something better..
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    If you have some sort of remote control...
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    Steal the heart out of their chest.
    Replace it with your broken window.
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    Sometimes I would want to mod my laptop and add a GPS tracker in it. A regular thief is smart enough to reinstall the system and the like, but a GPS tracker inside the case would never be found.
    Some laptops have space left and in case of my laptop I would be willing to give up my DVD drive.
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    Did you have backups? 😨
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    sorry to hear that ;-( hope you have backups && ssd encryption.
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    Pray the god you using git on remote ? ... But what a jerk !
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    @Floydian yeah unfortunately our police are useless and inefficient
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    @jak645 I don't understand why somebody wouldn't 😂😂
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    Apparently homeowners insurance covers this, so hopefully my work will not be disruptive for more than a week, the only thing I worry about is having to actually pay attention in class now 😂
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    @Codex404 can you get Standalone consumer GPS devices that broadcast their location to another device?
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    @poster983 I think so? Never really looked at it.
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    It was Liam Neeson
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    Why did you leave something like that visible in your car? Of course it was going to be stolen.
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    📌 In case you find a decent and small GPS tracker 😉
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    @SSDD he already said he forgot it was in there.
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    That's it. I'll place something inside my future laptop to blow it up remotely.
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