Got the iPod and music synchronisation isn't working well with Linux (I've synced quite some iProducts and it always goes great so this is a new one for me).

Bought a windows pc a few days ago and haven't installed Linux onto it yet so booted it up, installed Firefox and then downloaded iTunes.

Nearly done with installing when an error message pops up and the entire fucker blue-screens. Now it doesn't boot anymore 😡

Go die in a fucking corner, windows.

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    @Torbuntu I'm trying to sync the music 😥

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    @Torbuntu Because of the storage. I searched for at least 128gb mp3 players and those were already more expensive than this second hand 160gb iPod so yah
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    Try with rythm box on Linux, it worked for me earlier, just format the iPod and rythm box will take care of the rest.
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    @irene I prefer using my phone but I don't want to rely on my phones battery for music 😅
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    this has to be bias. in five years of using windows ive got the bsod once. most times it's an easy fix anyway. i dont buy it.
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    Do they still make iPods?
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    @irene I can't imagine any modern smartphones would have a worse audio driver than an iPod from 2005.
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    How do y'all manage to BSOD your machines all the time? :/
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    It is so awakward that you have to deal with windows
    But since it is an iPod classic just get some Windows XP on a VM and run iTunes I think it is a good solution
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    This could be caused by iTunes, that thing is horribly written and unusually a huge memory hog. In XP days it was awesome now its like old comedian who cant come to terms he is obsolete.
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