Our project manager who also happens to be our web designer... (Start Up)

Project Manager: We have a go signal. Go convert this design to html and css. And make it responsive.

Me: Can you forward me the mail so I can check if it's actually approved?

Project Manager: Just do it.

Me: (After tweaking) There. It's done.

Project Manager: They want to change all the layout of the site. We're gonna do it from scratch. They didn't like the design.

Me: What? I thought your design was approved?

Project Manager: I thought so too. But i'm your PM so get back to work.

There was no mail from the client.

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    "Buy I"m you PM".... wow fuck that guy!
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    Such a fuckface 🤦‍♂️
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    Wow thats a red flag. If he does that again approach him about it, if he doesnt comply to change his attitude, leave.
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    Why are all the darkest stories from startups.... 😐
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    @GhostDev you don't need skills or talent to start a company. Most startups fail due to shitty managers hiring shitty employees to execute shitty ideas.
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    I think the startup I am working at is pretty cool they don't have PM and nobody can tell that fucking sentence that I am your PM. Boosting respect for startup
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    "I know you were excited to finish this project, but just diving in isn't good for anyone, and wastes our time and effort. Pleaser never do that again."
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