Why so much hate for Windows? I can do all the scripting that I do on Linux on Windows as well. AutoHotKey for the win! In fact, the hacks that I can do on Windows directly cannot be done on Linux unless I have the terminal open. I'm still learning, yeah, so I'll learn how to do that in due time, but I've never had any issues with drivers, software issues, or security threats while using Windows.
And Windows Defender is so good now! I don't need an antivirus. Well, good browsing habits and common sense is enough of an antivirus so it's a moot point anyway.
Either way, I like embracing the power of AND. Why choose? I love both Windows and Linux!

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    From your description it says that you code on matlab and Python. I am not going to assume that that is all you know, but for the sake of argument lets do, just as an example. Both matlab and python work perfectly fine on windows, I would venture to say that anaconda and python are fantastic on windows. But have you ever tried setting up a Rails environment on windows? Hint: the ruby installer, rvm, and rails setup, even if you use an installer fail on an amazing way and even tho it is fixable there are a looooot of good gems that are seriously bad on windows. Not a testament of the language or framework itself, because they were made for a different target really which is a unix based os. Lets go to node, same, broken and things like nvm don't work at all on windows. Perl, yeah broken too. Common Lisp? Yup, broken. And this is for many more, and while you can venture ahead and fix all of that
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    @AleCx04 i wonder why would anyone waste soooo much productive time trying to force something like that to work on a system which is not suitable for it. Lets go for .net then, the framework for everything windows. It is an outstanding framework, bur even then you get unexpected stuff with its own package manager.

    The list goes on, windows is not a bad os. But the reason why many developers, specially web developers, dislike it its because of how unproductive it is. Why spend hours fixing a rails setup with nvm on windows when you can get it done on a unix descendant?

    This is why it gets flak. Plus the idea behind it being a closed source os, which I don't mind but many do. And of course its not the same for everything. Stuff like the JVM, php installations and what not work pretty ok, even tho I get unexpected stuff with composer thi.
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    @AleCx04 stop it already and let the man use whatever fucking os he likes.
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    @darkLord well many of the points are valid. Use the os that works for what you do. If you do swift i don't recommend windows or Linux. Just one point, .net core works really well on Linux so it's not just for everything windows.
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    @darkLord i never said not to use windows or anything like that. It is still my primary OS at work and I like it. I am just pointing out why some people dislike it.
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    @towmeykaw @AleCx04 ofc many of the points are valid I'm not denying that. But most of the users don't need all those things and whoever need those things they will figure out themselves which OS is better for their use. If someone likes some OS then let them like. You don't need to jump with tons of arguments, true but irrelevant to the user.
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    @darkLord the beginning of his post literally says "why so much hate for windows?" So he was *clearly* asking for opinions or a point of view. Telling me that he does not need all those arguments legit makes 0 sense since this post was basically asking and making a comment regarding why people don't like it..... take your comments to someone that blatantly attacks windows...and my argument specifically says that for some people it is not an option making them dislike it....
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    Personally I 'hate' windows because it's closed source and its vendor is integrated within the biggest mass surveillance program ever created.

    The thing is, nobody can check the source code to see if it contains vulnerabilities or backdoors. In an age of surveillance and secret court orders requiring backdoors, I'm not going to use a closed source OS. Period.
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    @alecx04 rails in 2018, lol
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    @kulhajs i try to find the humor on that but the fact that I am freelancing on it primarily makes me think that you are just shitting on shit without knowing :/
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    I would hate not having posix. And booting Ubuntu or something on Windows is not an option.
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    @alvarlagerlof well then use the windows subsystem for Linux 👌
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    @towmeykaw That's exactly what I do not like. The file system gets all messed up.
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    @alvarlagerlof really? The only issue I've had is with git and that was easily fixed. But might depend on what you do with it I guess.
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    I don't want to go to mnt to access my files
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    Celery does not work on windows or just single thread of celery works which is basically useless.
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    Because people are insecure and think they need to defend their Equipment which is really stupid imo. As long as you get your work done it doesnt fucking matter
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    @darkLord dude. He asked and got a reply.

    "Why do people hate Windows"
    "Because long and detailed reply"
    "Wow shut up okay"

    Like come on man
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    @AleCx04 have you ever tried to get anything basic done in Linux?

    You want something to run at startup? Gotta write a script, then a service under systemd, pick a target point but not too early or it won't work.

    Windows? Drop in "startup" folder

    Want to disable a dodgy touchscreen? Work out which system you are on x.org? Wayland? Work out what it's called, summon modprobe to disable hid-multitouch oh that took out your multitouch trackpad too? Tough shit.

    Windows? Control panel, device manager, hid devices, human readable name, right click, disable.

    Took me longer to type that out than to actually do it.

    Want audio that works? Tough... You got pulseaudio which works when it wants, broadcom drivers for WiFi? Nope.

    Linux is great, but so is windows, just differently great.
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    @AleCx04 Your comment about freelancing Rails while everyone hates on it, welcome to my life as a PHP dev. Hate all you want. When it pays the bills, it's the best language out there.
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    @seraphimsystems yes I have. Succesfully I might add. I am not a hobbyist or a student. I actually make my living building software and did graduate from a university for this. So yes I have and there are many Linux distributions that work perfectly fine on the hardware that you want with 0 modification. Now, go ahead and re read my explanation and find where did I say that windows is a bad system or anything like that. Getting tired of getting these dense ass replies when I SPECIFICALLY said that windows is a good system, just that some people dislike it for some of the reasons tht I mentioned.
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    @jackbanditdude i feel you man. I have php contracts as well and I love it. I sometimes feel that the ones that normally hate on languages are 15 year olds.
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    @AleCx04 you want me to *read* oh no my friend, this is the internet where the points are made up and the score doesn't matter.

    Though the points you raised were that windows was "unproductive" and it's difficult to get rails working or perl or lisp without effort.

    I would counter that Linux is "unproductive" but in different ways. I can spend hours working on customising things just so, whereas in Windows it's "common choice a,b or C" which usually covers 90% of use cases.

    You said windows is not bad... But only after you shat all over it without really conceding the points you thought you conceded.

    I countered your points then said what you tried to say but too one sided.

    Let's be friends and agree that Linux and windows are both unproductive at first and on the wrong day or when used for the wrong task.
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    @seraphimsystems agreed, sorry if it seemd like i was shitting over windows tho, not my intention. Lets be friends then :)
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    @seraphimsystems Idk what you do but I can type 'startup' in the search bar in KDE (and gnome and unity and cinnamon and so on for that matter) and click a thing called 'startup applications' and either enter an existing program or a script...

    Disable touchscreen? Go to the display or screens settings.

    Audio? Works just great, at least, on all my Linux devices it does. Doesn't mean it works for you by default but not everyone has the problems you're having.

    Broadcom drivers? When I still used my 512mb ram laptop about 5-10 years ago with a broadcom WiFi chip, didn't even have to install separate drivers on Ubuntu!

    It's not rocket science :)
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    @linuxxx ok I'm on Ubuntu 17.10 (was fedora, just switched for simplocity.)

    There is no option under display or devices or settings to disable touchscreen....
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