After one job interview I ran across this one guy in an elevator.

"Are you an IT? I am looking for one".

I nodded, "Yes, I am". He was about to get off the elevator and told me to save his phone number.

By the time I was about to type the last 3 digits of his number on my mobile, I got a call from my brother and the elevator door closed. I immediately rejected the call.

Unfortunately, the dialer went empty and I lost his number.

I was trying to recall the number but I can only remember the last 3 digits.

I went back to the same floor, but there was around 30 offices and I couldn't find him. I gave up.

Fucking iPhone.

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    Oh, that sucks ...
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    Dude, why would you want to have contact with someone who refers to you as "an IT"?
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    @telephantasm Dollars, I would presume.
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    believe me, you're better off. he didn't even wait to check if u got the number right, for one. secondly, HE needs YOU but instead of asking for YOUR number so HE can contact YOU, he gives you his?

    2 stupidities in timespan of elevator ride. how many would there be if you ended up working for him? ;)
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    @telephantasm @eArshdeep @Midnigh-shcode totally agree with you guys and I know it by heart.

    But, this happened years ago when I was still new in the country. I badly need a visa. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, I guess.

    Glad I got a decent developer job, week before my current visit visa expires. ;)
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