TL;DR: I “hacked” my thermostat.

I’m stuck with an annoying roommate in college dorms who apparently always keeps the FUCKING thermostat at 80F. LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM. Every time I change it to like 73F, he changes it back to 80F Heat.
Getting tired of his shit for over a semester, I decided to do something about it. I looked up the thermostat made by HoneyWell and downloaded the product manual of it. Turns out, they have a system override ability to remove the heating mode and change the maximum and minimum values of temperature.
BOOM! I removed the heating mode and changed the minimum value to 70 and max to 74.
It’s 2AM here and I can finally go to sleep without sweating my balls off. I’ll keep you guys updated on his reaction hahahaha.

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    80F = 26.666666C
    73F = 22.777777C
    Pretty damn hot

    70F = 21.111111C
    Feels better

    Good luck man
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    In a sleeping room it should IMO not be warmer than 19°C
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    @ilikeglue are you a fucking robot, keeping the floats when printing?
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    20-22c Is nice, especially with a breeze.

    But I live in a desert and it gets like 45c here regularly.
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    Have you tried actually talking to him first?
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    @ilikeglue Thx for the conversion to a reasonable unit!

    Wow, both temperatures are pretty fucking high!
    I could not sleep above 20°C...
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    @daintycode well I just wanted to give the exact numbers
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    @PonySlaystation I know the feeling. I usually sleep in 18-20c
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    @irene don't you people have blankets (or other human beings to cuddle with)? :P
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    @irene don't call them slaves. They are bed heaters!
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    Reminds of a roommate I had. Fucker would turn off the AC and sleep with two blankets when outside temperature was 40C. I had trouble breathing in that heat but he just wouldn't budge.

    Now I live alone and sleep with 16C.
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    It's like 10°C=50°F in my room
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    I had a roommate that did thus and slept with blankets in 80F. The same roommate that hijacked our router and only allowed wifi for him self.
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    @jakeor45 Grounds for eviction right there!
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    OP here. I woke up and saw him wearing a blanket on top of a sweatshirt because the temperature was stuck at 73F. Best day of my life.
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    @iZeroCool pretty sure you are living with some one possessed by a demon from hell who likes it hot. No human is sleeping in 80F and feeling good about it.
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    Next time hack your thermostat to show degrees in Celcius, like normal thermostats do.
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    @wizzzard Not in the US, no.
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    @iZeroCool I am so happy for you!

    I know the pain of stupid coworkers in the office, or annoying retards at the university that have to turn the heat on every single time.
    The victory over this kind of terrorists is important for humanity.
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    What these idiots don't understand is, if you feel cold you can wear more clothes to feel warmer. But if I feel warm, the only thing left for me to do is go naked with balls out. If you are ready to see my balls glistening with sweat, go ahead turn up the heat.
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    @irene oh man I really have to disagree with the 25°C room , it's too damn hot.
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    Lol @ you guys in your deserts and ~20C bedrooms. Jesus. I live in Scotland. Bedroom door remains shut (cats not allowed in due to allergies) and windows always open for fresh air. Hence, room is outside temperature. Always. Reached -10C (minus ten) this winter. Nothing like waking up in the morning, lying on your back, and watching your breath as you exhale.
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    It's not a problem for as long as you're in bed (with copious duvets). It's getting up that's the issue.. especially if you sleep stark bollock naked as I do... I don't tend to waste much time getting dressed in the mornings...
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    @Floydian Hell.
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    @Inigo I’m subbing to you just for your lingo 😂
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    That's nothing, here's around 40° C and I can still sleep peacefully.
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    @ilikeglue 26 is about right, anything colder than 24 is freezing
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