!rant - seeking advice

So I found a new job and will start at the beginning of July.
I will have holidays (approved) 3 weeks in June.
My resignation can be handed in after midst of May (1 month notice period).
The main reason I'm leaving is my boss/the company structure/the way we are forced to work. Therefore I fear having a bad time when telling my boss early that I will resign.
But I also want to leave the company with a good feeling for everybody, especially my colleagues who already know I leave.

So, the question which is torturing me right now: should I tell my boss in the next days already that I will leave or should I tell him the day I resign.
The latter would mean that I work 2 weeks after resigning, then take my holidays I have approved and actually leave the company by taking the holidays because after those June is over.

I fear that he might give me a hard time when I tell him now. On the other hand, when I tell him so close to my holidays, he might be angry (I am sure he will be angry anyway) and try to cancel my holidays...

For me it's really a tricky situation, because I think my boss has already a problem with me (although he says no when I asked).

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    1. Don't care about his "feelings" he doesn't give a shit about anyone, according to what I understood from your rant

    2. Tell him now so that when your holidays come he can't tell you no vacation allowed because you still need to hand over your work

    3. Do what is best for you! AND ONLY YOU!

    You are not suddenly leaving, you are following rules in the notice period and keeping same productivity until you leave. So screw everything else
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