My boss is like: Can we use blockchain to fry an egg?

Let's use blockchain in everything, investors like that.

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    Employee: Just found a new espresso machine, for really cheap maybe we could buy it for in the office?

    Boss: Does it have a block chain?

    Employee: What...?

    Boss: The espresso machine, does it have a block chain?

    Employee: No... It's a espresso machine why would it *need* a block chain??

    Boss: Look centralized espresso machines were cool in 2017. This 2018, everything is decentralized now. C'mon man keep up with the news!
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    No problem.. At last some notifications on my phone #sad #foreveralone
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    I mean... Theoretically, I guess yeah. But like what's the point?
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    Can we make an omolet without eggs but using blockchain? Absolutely
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    @obritoluis can we introduce the concept of Decentralized food?
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    @obritoluis there're probably a lot of vegan alternative receipies, so if we put them on the blockchain...
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    What a noob! Blockchain for frying eggs 🙄
    That's AI specialty 😎
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    @Wack buy VEG tokens on our ICO! They will change the world for the good and for the green! BlockVeggies for the win! The first decentralized vegetables blockchain with the brand new proof of celery consensus mechanism.
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    @lula proof of celery, lmao
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    A week later...
    Crunchbase: XYZ just landed 50m$ series B to put fried eggs on the blockchain!
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    Ask him why the company isnt decentralised then.
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    Well. There's blockchain tea
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