Yesterday a windows update somehow managed to corrupt my arch linux partition and I eventually had to spend the whole day recovering what was left because I needed it for today. Well... yesterday was also my girlfriends birthday..

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    she didn't get mad but maaaaan, I feel like an asshole
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    By corrupted what do you mean exactly? Do you mean that it corrupted grub? Or did it actually corrupt a partition? Also it's worth mentioning that if you're using a standard HDD it could've actually just been your drive starting to fail out which something like a windows update with massive write operations would probably bring to your attention. Imo scan for corrupted sectors and use something like crystaldiskmark or UserBenchmark to scan the drive and compare it to it's original design speed. You might want to back anything important up.

    However if it's just grub, that's pretty standard. If you aren't using UEFI you could probably use something like EasyBCD to configure the default windows bootloader to have the ability to boot from Linux instead of using grub.
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