Watching an android wear on iOS video and they are complaining that android wear is limited on iOS and they love the look and usability of android wear compared to watch OS...

Of course it's bloody limited, you can't even use Apple devices with android so be happy you even get basic support :-P

(Yes I am a Google fan boy so android for lyf)

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    But it supports Apple Devices so it, like anything else in the Apple Ecosystem should “Just Work”.

    Luckily not all of us IPhone users are so stupid we should be hit across the head with a shovel several hundred times.

    I do like Android Wear but the phone eco system isn’t for me, so I go without knowing I have near zero support.
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    @C0D4 that's what I mean, I was just annoyed that he complained that it was limited compared to what it can do on iOS
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    Yea I use wear with an iPhone (I’m not into Apple in general but I do like the iOS platform, and I’m invested in the music production software environment there).

    I have no complaints about wear on iOS really. It’s a watch that shows text messages and let’s me change songs on Spotify. When I previously had an android phone and could use it for more, I just used the same basic features. It’s a watch - not a tiny phone on my wrist!
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