What keeps a dev going: 💪

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    I assume you're talking about the white powder on the laptop
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    True, but don't play with your luck.

    I have ~99.999999999999999998% chance for getting addicted in drugs.
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    @joas @spoiledgoods God dammit, it's bent plastic you guys. *Rolls eyes*
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    The warning stays 🤐
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    The beautiful view of a commented and perfectly indented page of code 😍
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    A solid mixture of THC and CBD consumption on the weekends mixed with Working out and Punching a Sandbag every morning until i tire out with fast, intense Synthetic music would do the job aswell but... yea coffee is also a thing.
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    Too dark
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    Ice latte with moca and an extra shot espresso in this 25-30c° weather 👍
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