Umm wait what? Okay... 🙄😅

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    Well remove -1 from -2, you'll have -1. Do it again. 0. Do it again. 1. I'm not reversing the maths there, but it is in theory correct as --n% is the same as +n%
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    @Proximyst yeah mathematically seen its correct but I didn't expect anybody to do this kind of stuff. Probably in the user interface they were supposed to enter a positive amount but the user entered a negative one and that's why its negative negative 13%. Fucking incompetent devs. Have to wait for them to fix it now...
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    @b3b3 Not incompetent if they did it on purpose *insert roll safe*
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    When programmer didn't tell data entry guy to not put percent of sell as a negative number
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    Quick maths
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    It's when they mess up the algo. It's worse, when they don't use computers at all. I'd imagine they calculated that themselves
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    This is a commonly used tactic just like discounts of 1 cent.
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    seems correct. no dev to blame here.
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    -- = +
    (14.99 + 0.01 //because that 1 cent is always subtracted//)* 1.13 = 16.95 round and subtract one cent

    ... seems valid to me
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    It's a feature....
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    I don't understand. I don't speak European.
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