*In Office
Coworker raises his head, looks at boss: "I'm leaving".

Boss raises head looks at coworker: "Ok".

All this took 5 seconds,..the weirdest 5 seconds of my life

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    Just curious, was he leaving for the day or leaving the job?
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    @samxxx lol, he was leaving the job. It was so sudden and weird.

    Then a minute later my heart started pounding when it dawned on me that i'd be taking over his duties
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    I don't understand people that leave so suddenly nor companies that let their people leave without discussing out the issues.
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    Holy shit, this is awesome :D
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    I guess this is totally fine. No point convincing somebody who's made the decision already
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    @Pavona for me an employment is somewhat like a relationship. I would never just quit, but talk things over. But maybe that's just me.
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    Plot twist: I'm sure the boss thought he was just going home coz he was in a bad mood.
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    @brano88 there is a difference in talking about the problems with your superiors, what you seemingly did, and making a drama when leaving, what I also think is a bad idea.
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