What are your thoughts on piracy when it comes to education?

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    1.Make sure kids only learn your software
    2. ...
    3. Profit
    Examples Autocad, Photoshop, Maya

    Autodesk knew every pirated version available, they were all subtlety broken (you would run a hidden command and your beautiful 3D model would flatten)

    So, tacitly allowed and encouraged!
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    The options that are offering companies for students aren't available most of the time in third world countries (I live in one btw). Here I have no other option really. I even pirate textbooks because fuck I can't get one from those fucking libraries.
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    Software? No. Every school with a good reputation has special deals for students for the software they need.

    Literature? Hell yes. Knowledge should be a human right and free for every student in my personal opinion, no matter if it's a handbook, a research paper or a "...for dummies" book.

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    Governments talk about granting access to education to everyone but than school requires you to buy a book you have no money for! If education receive more funding piracy won't be an issue! Plus there's websites like https://www.writemyessayfast.ca/
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