My cs prof just said if loop.

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    In fact, he calls everything a loop. Wtf did I get myself into?
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    Maybe he means this: if something: thisfunctionwheretheifis()
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    @Tobey idk, it was in a very general context. Later he called a whole exe a loop.
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    prof.speech = prof.speech.replace( /loop/gi, 'block' );
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    My predecessor called an if block a loop during a code review. I cringed visibly enough for him to ask, "what?"

    He didn't like doing code reviews with me.
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    This made me laugh so much 😂
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    If statement can be expressed with loops tho. Atleast thats what I remember from my theoretical cs class
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    Its really Common, dont know why
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    @musician I suppose everything is a loop that runs 0..n times.
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    @Root oh yeah exactly
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    Technically an if statement is a while loop with exactly zero to one executions of the code block contained within it.

    Also it seems to be a pattern here. Students mocking their teachers. You are acting way too proud for a student. One day someone is going to put you in you place and make you feel stupid, and then you will learn the most valuable lesson of being human...humility.
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    He was probably talking about this
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    @deusprogrammer ive done the same with my teachers, who came to me to ask questions. And yes it has happened to me to a few times, and Im happy with it because it keeps us sharp and willing to improve.
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    @stacked JS is evil :]
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