It's my second rant about Windows here in two days, but here we go:

Windows used to be a cool OS (and in part it still is). Yes, it's made for the end user, not power users, yes it has many flaws. But it was my gateway to computers and programming. I have fond memories of my first PC, playing around with the old win98 themes (my favorite was the baseball one!).

However, I am very disappointed now. I just had to basically force Windows 10 to stop hogging my bandwidth. It was an actual battle, with the OS simply (I kid you not) running update and other services EVEN AFTER I SPECIFICALLY DISABLED THEM. I just saw the Windows update service running, while its status was disabled. It's absurd.

Sorry Windows, but that's not what I want. I want to choose what happens on my own OS. Linux gives me exactly that, why can't you?

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    Windows has more users but linux is 10 times better and is more efficient
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    You probably already know this, so I apologize if this is unnecessary info. I’ve run into this a few times, if it’s a hassle getting it to stop and it keeps starting back up you can try running this in administrative powershell to force quit it:

    ps> net stop wuauserv

    I found that the service is set to restart if it runs into any `errors`, which seems to be what it thinks is happening with taskmgr closes.
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    Well... Its either forced updates or stuck with ie6...

    If you really want to not update you can put your pc in charge of an "admin"(still you) and disable the updates like that. Because is something business do it doesnt overwrite or try to do anything...

    Users are stupis,i don't wanna go back to ie6 just because people don't update... People are lazy and people don't care...

    Its sad but its actually better
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    @curlyDev I've always been a proponent of updating. What irritates me is how Microsoft chose to implement it. Options to limit the speed or how much bandwidth Windows uses are basically hidden. My connection isn't good and there are times I simply want to prioritize other processes instead of updates. Not to mention the telemetry processes sending data all the time which are nearly impossible to shut down or stop. Microsoft decided that their own interests are above what users want, and I don't like that.
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    Can't you disable the windows update service?
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    Nope, unless you have windows 10 enterprise. To my knowledge it isn't possible in home or professional.
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    This one doesn’t work too? Sorry I haven’t installed it on my laptop yet. Probably will done it in another 2 months, sonI can tweak more about it
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    Totally agreed, I love Windows (!!), but Windows update frustrates the hell outta me. The mugs on the Windows team in Redmond live in a bubble, a world of gigabit Internet connections. They have no idea what it's like to live with a 2Mbps ADSL connection (thanks Australian Liberal Party for royally fucking us over for the next 20 years). Windows update basically cripples my entire network whenever it decides to download an update, and they don't give a fuck.

    How about waking the PC up at 3am and downloading then, you fucking scumbags??
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    @danderson00 that's exactly what happens here. I'm on a 2Mbps connection and the difference between Windows and Linux is just night and day: Download speeds on Windows are often abismal, not only due to updates but also because of other processes, like telemetry, which is almost impossible to turn off. On Ubuntu download speeds are over five times greater and stable. I try to only use Windows for gaming now.
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    Telemetry is indeed hard to disable. And it's a bitch when you don't have a SSD. I have a hybrid (= 8 GB SSD) and telemetry makes your system completely useless for about 10 minutes because of 100% disk usage.
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    @FunkDelegate treat yourself to a ssd - it will change computing for the better and they aren’t expensive anymore.

    Telemetry is a bitch tho.
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