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    That second picture; Legit.
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    WTF? 😨

    I'm better than Nostradamus...
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    I might be retarded but isn't electron built from the base of chromium (chrome)? So basically chrome already does run in electron.
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    @ryanmhoffman it would make more sense to say that Electron runs in Chrome, since Chromium (the base of Electron) is the core of Chrome.
    But Chrome itself is still a native C++ application.

    If they say the new version will run in Electron, it means they converted all the UI and the rest of modules to run in an web engine, which in this case is Chromium inside Electron.

    It becomes Chrome with Chromium running in Chromium, which is in Electron.

    So it's not the same thing.
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    Whatever happens but if they start consuming more RAM then I am ditching chrome
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    Chrome in electron in chrome. Ya who needs ram. Wait what. - chrome fanboy 1
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like Chrome.
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    To anyone who thinks this is serious: read the last sentence in the image.
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    @coldfire holy cow dude. You are the one who 'stole' my nickname. :P
    Just kidding. I use coldfire username in most cases. :P
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    Good thing I use IE, good luck trying to run it in electron 😎, and yeah IE6 😎
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    In the Future everything will be shiny and CHROME! ALL HAIL THE CULT OF V8! May you join your RAM in VALHALLA!!!
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    ☝🏻Fake News ☝🏻
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    @MoboTheHobo No shit dude. Thanks for letting us know. -_-
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    @garrettw Poe's Law though, you can never tell
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    Electron will be run inside Electron 🤔
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    @filthyranter I'm damn sure you can write a JS runtime in JS, and it's probably been done. It's a Turing-complete language.
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    Ditching chrome now?
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    @Floydian XD ofc
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    I am pretty sure they were talking about headless Chrome instance. It can be used to render pages with ajax code in it, to make it easier for automated testing.

    I don't think they were talking about Chromeception at all.
    Oh, and electron doesn't run on Chromium, it runs on Node.js runtime which uses Chrome's V8 engine. I can run headless browser inside Node.js, in fact, it's one of the thing Karma.js does for you.

    Yeah, but, make memes on that. I like memes.
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    Now this was funny 😂
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    @py2js I already did. Using Firefox and it's super fast.
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