For those who don't know, this is how Apple pictures a PC in the network, a CRT display with blue-screen-of-death!

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    @ribchinski Sounds like you've experienced a lot of BSODs on PCs
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    I always laugh when I see this. How is a Linux system displayed?
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    @eeee Anything with SMB/CIFS is considered as a PC on macOS, I have a Raspberry Pi which also is displayed like this. I can test other sharing protocols of you have sth in mind :)

    TBH I feel Apple would show something like this for Linux users with this attitude of theirs:
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    @eeee, @DRSDavidSoft I don't think that's entirely true as my Linux server with SMB enabled shows up as a Mac, but then my Raspberry Pi shows up as PC
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    funny moment is any mac lags as hell
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    @XiovV Your phone and gaming console are also PCs. Everything that's not meant for public use, and can compute things, is a personal computer.
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    @XiovV “Personal Computer” is a trademarked marketing term belonging to IBM. Hence, while the form factors and market segments largely converge, PC == Microsoft remains largely accurate.
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    Here’s what a lot of them looks like
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    @Gerrymandered lol that's so funny! :D
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    iPhone seen on Windows...
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    The architectures are the same for like 20 years now and they still insist on calling anything not Mac a "PC". As if Macs were carved from an alien technology.
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    Wouldn't it offend Linux users 😱
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    @Prometheus it does... But then again I do have a BSOD wallpaper (just for the comfort of familiarity).
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