Who knows that situation?

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    relatives in town
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    Hahahaha! Loled for real at this
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    My younger cousins.
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    True story 😂😂😂
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    Wait until a weird kiddo in the subway come so closer to you that you barely see your phone anymore because of his annoying head in the way :) worst part is when he gets his saliva on your jacket
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    Well for me I just launch Badland(imo cool game for Android) and give them to play and watch them struggling to complete the first level.
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    Everyone at school..
    I just show them a terminal.
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    I enjoy getting bored while typing in passwords, and definitely have a peculiar love for very very cryptic commands. Even if someone has access to my computers, I doubt they'd be able to do much.
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    @lazysnail Badland is a nice game. But when you played 'Give It up!' overthink your definition of difficult.
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