Use Docker, it's awesome because you won't need VMs anymore.

Using Win7: You need a VM for running docker. 😫

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    Don't, just don't! If you can't dual boot just throw an Ubuntu Server VM and run docker inside of it, that's what I do
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    Don't worry guys. 😂
    I already have dual boot with Linux. Everything is fine.
    Just the facts about Docker and Win7 made me laugh because we've been told how great Docker is and so on.
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    @Manao Great :D

    Ya this is ironic, use docker to avoid vm, but need a vm to run docker XD
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    You need a Linux kernel to run docker.
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    Wait, doesn't Windows 7 support docker? Always worked on Linux with them, but I thought there was a service for Windows too.
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    I actually suffer with this. Trying to get Docker to run in Win10 and something that's so easy in Linux to install its being hell.
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    Docker does not necessarily replace VMs. It is a container system, so the OS is virtualized, whereas an VM virtualizes the hardware.
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    I love the idea of docker and used it multiple times but the memory leaks and not being able to define storage limits are a no go for me :/
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    @MarioC ive done win10 docker stuff its indeed annoying https://github.com/stevemk14ebr/...
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    @stevemk14ebr At the end I just created an Ubuntu VM and work with Docker there.

    Thanks though.
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