Here we go again… a new update for devRant unofficial UWP blocked by Microsoft because contains "profanity"...

Interesting fact:
The screenshots which contain """profanity""" (probably bad words are enough to violate the rules) are still the same you can already find in the store, so even without this update they are visible...

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    So you can’t say “I hate X” like on Facebook now?
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    @athlon probably it's more about the word "fuck" on the screenshots visible for everyone, even children… 😅
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    So now I have to find some rants that don't contain bad words and remake the screenshots… MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 😝
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    Use a screenshot of this rant
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    Btw just realized that i use your app XD, it's great thanks a lot 💙
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    @exelix I think the "fuck off microsoft" in the tags could be a problem. 😂

    p.s. you're welcome!
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    Actually, what image they’re talking about?
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    I wanted to upload devRantron to Windows store. But the process is so complicated that I just gave up in the middle lol.
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    Btw I don't give a fuck and don't have time to recreate every single screenshot (on Desktop and Mobile), so I will try to resubmit it hoping to find a normal tester and not an asshole as this one.

    These screenshots are compressed so you can't even really read the content of the rants on them…
    The first one contains the word "fucking", but it's really difficult to read.

    That process is so strange that sometimes they block your app, sometimes they don't, it depends on who is reviewing it.
    But probably it's the same on every store, the rules are very generic and need to be interpreted for every single case.
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    @JS96 Can't you just blur the text in the current screenshots ?
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    @exelix if it won't pass the certification again, probably I'll do that 👍
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    This is the bastard btw… 😒

    p.s. please don't mention it, it could block the certification again hahaha
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    @JS96 But I wanna
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    Or use a highly upvoted joke/meme one..
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