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    What a shame 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    Once our "star" salesdork sold a feature that didn't exist, should be delivered in one month, but would take three months to develop.

    The tragic things is we worked our asses off and did deliver the thing in time, within one month. Lots of overtime. Most of the stuff worked (though to be honest release 1.1 a month later was the final with everything in place).

    Tragic thing 2: customer received the stuff in time but then waited two weeks before even starting evaluating the damn thing.

    Tragic thing 3: guess who got a bonus? The salesdork who sold vaporware or the developers who made it happen?
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    Still can’t stand sales people, it’s as if there’s always something they’re not telling you...
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    @gurumeditation Our sales man can't sell anything that wasn't reviewed by at least one technical person. Good for us :)
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    At this point, I assumed this is just how our industry functions.

    Always love when the request to make the demo ready for the customer come in a day after the requirements come down.
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    First job they promised the product had FTP capabilities that it did not have, and they promised delivery in 2 weeks.

    Engineers slave driven to get it done, no overtime pay, and we got to go on a daytrip as a reward.

    The trip probably cost the company like a grand or two, which with some creative accounting probably disappeared.

    The fucking cunts in sales made out like bandits though, didn’t they?!

    Happens all the goddamn time.
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    Imagine a model where sales people don't get bonuses.
    Immediately from the top of the company's pyramid the sales people drop to the lowest rank. So low that the pyramid turns into a rhombus, because there is nobody as low as they are.

    Brainless, lying vultures.
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    Sales makes money directly, engineer makes money inderectly.

    In the biz world, soft money is not rral money, which is what engineering makes.

    Hard money is accountable, can be spend, and that is what sales makes.

    So, which one would you value?
    That is right! Both!
    Anyway, sales people have bonuses in their pay schema so that is automatic, eng has to ask for it so fucking ask for it.
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    @Noob sounds good to me.

    Or just hire a near-shore outbound sales call center and annoy the hell out of your clients.

    Funny part is, sales people are always days busy doing shit that takes 30 minuts to be done, tops.
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    Sales folk, dime a dozen but only worth a penny.
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    The floor above our firm is occupied by a big software firm. The car park is full of BMW/Mercs and nice SUVs and it's a fucking ghost town on a Friday. Yes that's right three quarters of the floor plate is the sales and marketing team. Leeches.
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    Can confirm. Old boss was former sales. Set product release date and told us to make it happen. Scope creep bloated everything. Product wasn't ready in time. Got the blame because it was my lack of belief that ruined everything. I quit and got a better job. You don't want to listen, you can feel the pain then. Probably is still bitching that employees ruin businesses. 😒
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    To engineer and to sell are entirely different tasks, requiring different skills, methods, rules, and results.
    Maybe my definitions are outdated?
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