Me: Asking a lot of junior questions
Dev: Stop! Before you ask another question - think for 10 minutes, google another 15 minutes and if you don't find anything - ask me.

^ This was the best thing he said, after that I can google pretty much anything, and hell, I even go to 5-th page of the google from time to time!

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    You'll get better at it eventually. You will start finding everything on page 1 😄 good luck!
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    @creativeJuice heh, not always you can find stuff at first page :p there is so many legacy/updated apps of which new versions does appear in first pages but older ones - don't
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    @potata true, but if you change and try to modify the search query intelligently enough, you barely have to go to 2nd page. It takes a lot of tries to learn it though. There are always exceptions....

    The way it works is search what you want initially. Then take hints of better keywords and modify query again. Repeat a couple times and all's good.
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    @creativeJuice yep, that lesson I've learned couple of years ago :) thanks!

    Ps. Also worth to notice is if you use google - yoour history background is important as it filters some records too
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