(Q: How much are you allowed to Google as a developer?)

“You’re allowed to Google as much as you want. This is not school, you’re employed to solve a problem. Nobody cares whether you Google for the answer or remember the answer from another Googling.”

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    Am I allowed to duckduckgo for the answer?
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    @uuid yes you can Quack as much as you want!
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    I learned everything I know from Googling and sandboxing. No fancy college degrees, no courses, no books. Just Google. I'm a lead developer and I'm doing just fine.
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    I just hate doing it in front of the client. Not every search yields results and I hate when they're watching me retype my question a dozen ways.
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    @boylett In the end all programmers have used StackOverflow at least once in their life. Most use it multiple times per week :P
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    I hate it when anyone watches me work.

    While developing: "Write code... Oh wait let's search for that song, ctrl-T I need to order grocery delivery for Tuesday, ctrl-T what was that syntax for a policy class in laravel, ctrl-1 OK not that song, maybe check spotify, ctrl-2 I should get more vegetables, lemme see coworker is asking for env var in slack ctrl-TAB to IDE shift-shift there it is, let me set up that policy class ctrl-n ctrl-v right I wanted to check desks at IKEA"

    Productive, but also too impatient to wait for page refresh & chat answers, so I weave things together into one flow.

    And when sitting next to a coworker I'm like "No I don't fucking know the syntax, just google that, maybe try moving that parameter, yeah just call that method there, NO NOT THERE, MOVE YOUR FUCKING CURSOR, OH FUCKING RETARD YOU FORGOT A BRACKET, GO BACK TO THAT TAB I NEED TO SEE THE OUTPUT, OH I'M GOING TO FUCKING SLAM YOUR WRINKLY TESTICLES BETWEEN YOUR MACBOOK KEYBOARD AND SCREEN!
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    me when i'm trying to use css
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    @bittersweet My exact workflow. My parents used to get mad at me for doing more than one thing at once. Said it was going to give me ADHD or ruin my concentration or something.
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    Plus the mind is being proved to be finite if the recent research papers are anything to go by. It is important to fill it with only the absolutely necessary. The internet is a massive brain muscle that never forgets. Outsource to it the things to will always remember. Google away...google away. Solving problems is what its all about.
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    @uuid BUT OFCOURSE
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    @GMR516 @bittersweet As programmers we do alt-tab a lot and hop between windows and different tasks, so watching it can be quite desorienting... I know that from when people shoulder surf me at school and wonder what the hell I’m doing
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    Of course, Google all the way 😂
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    I often question if I'm truly a good programmer, or if I can just google things better than the average bear. Perhaps both?
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    @bittersweet If it's Google it could be "NO, YOU FORGOT: NO BRACKETS, change that ctrl+tab"
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    This rant has now gone into full blaze it mode
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