"Put aside your ego, it's the worst problem with programmers" -My mentor

I tend to help others and contribute with courtesy, putting my ego aside and listening to others' suggestions at all times, no matter how potentially silly they are

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    Thanks to pals like you a lot of us got to where they are now. So in the name of all devs who had a great mentor in the beginning - thank you!
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    I agree, and I'd add that as soon as you realise your ego is starting to get the better of you and harming your relationship with other devs on your team, take a deep breath and apologise to them - address the issue. I've been there lots of times, and every time I find out it was easy to solve with a bit of patience and understanding.
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    Agree, and do check the Google I/O talk - The myth of the genius programmer.

    Devs tends to want to create perfect systems / best codes. But most of the time we make mistakes and can learn from the most junior staff as well. And we must learn to accept that.
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    Fantastic advice! I can say I've worked with some egos - I mean, uh, programmers - before.
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