Told client in review meeting with missing PM (vacation) that the live release of their new website for the end of may is very optimistic and we probably should target a later date due to more change and feature requests.

1.5 weeks pass and the clients sends updated requests and also their new launch date: 18th if May.

Yeah sure also write your emails to the PM that is on vacation - like you’ve been informed of several times.

When deadlines get even shorter, I really envy not-agency people.

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    There are some communication issues between client and you/your agency.

    It seems that from their perspective of view in case they are paying for hours, they want this to be done asap so they would save some money.
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    @zemaits they are expecting way too much and got told how things are and going to be and agreed - now they send these mails.

    Our company’s management is faulty too - it’s a real shitshow at times.
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