//Worst day ever.
Everything just broke today. I'm making an app for a website. Of course the site is down and it may not get back up, rendering my work useless.
I wanted to play a game this morning to relax...aaand servers down.
Later I updated the amd drivers on my laptop and now everything is just so slow that I can't use it so I'll be reinstaling windows tomorrow.
And stupid me I thought I could release the app this week.

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    Thank god it's friday...
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    @keigezellig Not really I'm a college student in holiday, so I've got nothing to do
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    Well you learned a lesson about the site - why may it not get back up. Is there a backup, DE plan... Try to find out and make sure you always have that hat covered. Just google Delta Airlines for this week. Believe me there are execs that dropped the DE ball and that have it way worse than you. I hope you now feel better 😀
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    And use Linux, you can fix anything that happens there :)
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