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    You're building stuff for free, hosting it for your money, and listen people complain about your stuff. Wonderful GitHub magic
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    @hugh-mungus no it made possible by people thinking communism under the capatilism
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    @hugh-mungus I know you don't like communism I don't like it either. I don't like everything that ends with -ism. My comment was refering to ideas like linux projects etc. It shouldn't be communism. The idea behind communism was really good but it didn't work. It was influenced by the idea of Thomas Morus in his book Utopia. Great book I'd recommend to everyone. I'm sorry if I offended you by my comment I really am, I don't want to heart someone but I must say capatilism is also not the solution. Either you work for others or you work for others that's the difference between capatilism and communism refering to " have some nuance".
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    If github is communism, msdn is capitalism, deep web and blockchain are ancap, FSF is ancom, apple is fascism, TempleOS is religious fundmentalism and google is neolibral globalism,

    Then what is the computer-equivalent of nazbol?
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    Reminded me of this for some reason
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