We need more progamming languages.

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    As it turns out Z++ really exists
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    Here's a thought why don't we just get rid of all of the unncessary programming languages and master the most used and good ones. But anyway we will keep programming new languages because that's what programming languages are for, right?
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    @Khani aside from some people creating languages for learning purposes and then seeing it through to the bitter end or creating a language just to jerk oneself off, the reason for so many languages is because they seem to find a niche issue that needs filling and create a language based on that hole. Except brainfuck - that is just there because fuck you and every generation of your family that ever lived on God’s green earth.

    Honestly, I don’t mind the language bloat until we get the religious shitfest of “php is shit... C++ is the true king... Java is too slow... if you’re not writing in a functional language you’re an imposter.”
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