Conversation with American developers, suddenly we began to talk about college and how in debt they are. I tell them that don't have an education related debt.

They were skeptical at first, but then we found that my entire education costed less than one semester for them. That's one positive thing about living here.

How about you guys? Happy with the cost of higher education where you live?

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    Pretty happy - its free.
    And they pay you money to attend.
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    I'm very happy. The Bafög which helps you monetarily during university in Germany, must be repaid, but you only pay half of it back and also only to a max of 10.000€ in total, you only start paying after 5 years and when you start earning enough and you only repay every 3 months what he can repay according to earnings,

    And depending on the state you only pay a fee for the student organization and that is it.
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    Yeah. I had 2k of debt at graduation so it was paid off quickly. (Canada) It helped that I lived cheaply and worked during school. Some Canadians seem to make very poor choices about their post-secondary education and I can't say I feel a lot of pity. If you choose an unmarketable major, go to the most expensive (note: not best) schools, go to Mexico for spring break, and don't work at all until graduation, what do you expect? It would be great to have free post-secondary here, but also, not everybody needs to or should go to college, and I don't understand the mentality of people who see an obviously-hot stove and decide to jam their hand down on it as hard as possible.
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