"Hey guys, so whats the name of the repo?"
"Oh, we are using Google Docs"

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    Maybe they ment that the repo name etc is in a Google doc?
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    @lotd Nope. They literally uploaded new file versions to their google drive
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    @SupremeKurt horrible.

    Even using a public FTP would be better.
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    @lotd gdrive does have some form of version control. No idea if you can compare versions though
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    Not so bad, i guess
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    sh**t this just happened to me td XDD. I was like WTH?
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    @Wozza365 in gdocs, if you click the text at the top that says "last saved X minutes ago", it will bring you to the versioning page.
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    "So which database are we using?"

    "Google Sheets"
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    .gitignore works there perfectly!
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    @RustyCookie yea I just received the source of the project I should start working on as a zip.. Like.. Rly?
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    This gives me the fear. Here crappy agencies do this all the time.
    Cannot imagine not using git and having it deploy to the server these days.
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    Google drive I suppose :)
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    Make sure to always upload screenshots of your code as a way to track history and evolution
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    @KuMa nah screenshot programs are unsafe, use your phone to take a pic of your screen /s
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