*finds royalty free clipart*

*clicks "free download" button*

*Brought to "purchase subscription page"*

What in the name of fuck is going on with this misleading ass website.

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    Fucking Internet in 2018
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    Royalty free != free! Royalty free just means that if a magazine uses it or TV station use it they just pay once and don't have to worry about paying for usage (royalties..)

    I've been tripped by that more than once as well...
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    @tuxie I think that's obvious but stating "free download" isn't appropriate for a paid product- it already said that it's royalty free anyways.
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    @tuxie Yes I know what royalty free means. The bigger issues lies with "Free Download". This is not only misleading but a blatant lie. In no way shape or form is it a free download as you need a paid subscription service to download it.

    Upon reading their FAQ they explain that there is a separate search tab for free to download images ... despite every image having the same "free download" button
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    I like pixabay.com they offer nice photos for free without any restrictions. Nice when I'm demoing or prototyping stuff.
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    Free download when you have a subscription 😉😉
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    Maybe it's just the button that was available for free download
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    That’s why I started to make my own designs, AF Designer ftw
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