I seriously do not understand the rants against Windows.

I love Windows 10 (got as free upgrade from MS), and have no issues with MacOS or Linux OS. I use them as well but do all serious work on Windows.

All my life, I have worked on business / commercial side and picked up Web development in last couple of years. I started using computers on DOS in 1992, and shifted to Windows 3.0 in 1995. There was no Mac or MacOS back then.

For serious work, I purchased a old Dell Precision M4700 workstation grade laptop with quad-core i7, at throwaway price, got 32GB RAM, 2.4TB (1x2 TB + 400gb) of SSD on super sale online, and installed it myself. It easily supports dual 4k monitors.

Git-bash on windows allows all the necessary linux command line on windows. Though not tried, Windows 10 allows embedded Ubunutu with linux terminal. Web development tools like - VSCode, git, github / bitbucket clients, NVM/Node, React / Redux / Webpack / Gatsby / Jest, REST clients, GraphQL client and server, Graph Server, Chrome PWA / Chrome Dev Tools, http/Websocket/WebRTC interception, Google Firebase SDKs, AWS sdks, cloud utilities, CI/CD tools work flawlessly. Windows even has its own package manager for applications.

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    FYI, its now Bubble Witch 3 saga.
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    One more thing I remembered. Though I work on serverless Node now, there was a time when I used to run a cluster of 6 CentOS, each with its 2gb RAM as Oracle VM on the very same machine, running spark. That was the reason for 3 ssd drives.
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    Oh this is an easy one.

    I'm perfectly fine with an operating system, if:
    1. It respects the users' privacy by default.
    2. Gives the user freedom to do with the system whatever they want, including locking it down if they just want simple stuff and a working system. L
    3. Does NOT call home (by default)
    4. Has decent security.
    5. Is open source (how the fuck can anyone check for vulnerabilities or backdoors otherwise?)
    6. Does NOT perform user tracking of any kind (by default)
    7. Does not integrate users within a mass surveillance network/engine (by default)

    Windows on those points:
    1. It doesn't, simple as that.
    2. It's not open source so freedom is fucked.
    3. It calls home by default.
    4. I'm not even going to comment on
    this one.
    5. Well, this one is pretty clear, isn't it?
    6. See 5.
    7. *cough* prism *cough*

    Those are my reasons, simple as that.
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    Would love to know about MacOS on these points.
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    @ajit555 Oh those apply to mac os as well haha, I hate that system equally as bad as windows :)

    But since this rant was about windows, I kept it towards windows.
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    @linuxxx I don't disagree with you, but those 7 points are basically 2: Privacy and security (with the open source thing).

    I think you are not like this, but what bothers me is all the people raging because windows asks for a Microsoft account, saying that is a privacy breach and all that. All this while happily putting their google account on their phones and basically everything. I mean, both companies want your data, it's not just Microsoft the "evil being".
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    @CristCD Fully agreed. I even am at the point that I wildcard block Google domains out of my laptop :)
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    What I hate about Windows:
    - all previously stated points by @linuxxx
    - it's a pain in the ass to find simple things. I love how easy and simple to use a Linux system is by simply using text files for configuration *or* by GUI if you prefer. Things I do in Linux for ages are simply not as comfortably done with Windows: for example moving the user profile to another partition/drive. In Linux I simply let /home point to another partition and that's it. You can do that while reinstalling while on windows you have to install, boot up and have to point several folders to different partitions or use registry hacks....

    Just a few of so many things.

    What I like about it? It's great for gaming. It really is. The performance is way better as on Linux, which is a shame :(
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    @linuxxx this is a brilliant breakdown. Can I ask what your ideal distro is?
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    Mac and MacOS absolutely existed in 1995. 1985 too.
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    Windows 10 is faster than any previous Windows, but it's still molasses next to Linux, on the same hardware.

    Windows' UI APIs are closed/obfuscated, so you're pretty much stuck with their UI, which is better than it was, but still decades behind almost any of the dozen most popular Linux ones.

    Patching in Windows is a black box that requires a reboot far too often, and sometimes requires multiple reboots, which is beyond insane. On top of that, Windows updates often won't proceed at all until the user logs out, and will even stall the ability to login, so it can finish updating. Windows updates are a paragon of madness.

    More and more, major updates to Windows are minor feature and software updates, and sweeping new menus to go through to turn off tracking, ads, and deprioritization of ad-serving, activity-tracking Microsoft applications.
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    @DucksCanCode Well that would be a distro based on debian with SELinux and KDE 😍
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    @linuxxx well, it sounds sexy I'll say that xD
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    @fuck2code you forgot those untimed not avoidable updates
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    1. It's both Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga, along with two other games. Not to mention the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

    2. Windows 10 updates over the past 2 years have become a gamble of if it will corrupt the system or not. There was an update that broke wifi, an update that broke all USB input, including mouse and keyboard, as well as two or three that just corrupted the system because fuck you, that's why.

    3. When I use my current work's Win7 computer I scroll through all of the installed apps and you know who installed them all? Me. When I used my old work's Windows 10 computer and scrolled through the list, you know who installed most of those? Microsoft. And I don't use ANY of those apps.

    4. WSL is nowhere near the amount of Linux functionality as even macOS, let alone Linux. It lets you do basic things, but even Git for Windows or CygWin/MinGW would give you more functionality.

    5. Lack of customization.
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    I used to enjoy it but my fondness of it is dropping after update after update. Especially the last batch which reset nics with static IP's and april update which makes it so i cant actually RDP into ANY machines on a lower update version than me. Also Bash on windows isnt all that good.
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    @linuxxx well I have to say, there’s some things about google that are nice, like their font hosting service, I hope they dont’ track it, but even then, they get so many request and it is only ip, which you can flood easily
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    @-vim- Oh they veeeery probably have good algorithms for filtering the bullshit out haha
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    Yea you’re probably right, but download them once, and redirect the domain to those already installed
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    @-vim- What do you mean with that last part?
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    @linuxxx ah shit, my bad, meant: “you are probably right, it’s better idea to install the fonts instead of redownloading them from google everytime”
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    @linuxxx Ah right yes
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    @garuna cant believe developers still believe that. You can turn them off very easy
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    @musician how brother?
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    Just disable automatic updates.
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    @bahua tried but that doesn't work . Once an update made my half haor client meeting 3 hours long , since that day I use windows only for gaming
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    Gaming and WebEx for me, and only through VNC and parsec. Never sitting directly in front of a Windows machine.
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    @bahua i judge people if they use windows :p
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    Some people (not me, thankfully) are forced by their job.
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    @bahua sad , feel for them .
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    Microsoft has blood on their hands. They are only recent not trying to take down open source as badly as before because they realized it wasted their resources. However they still attack by punishing vendors for installing multi boot systems or not being windows exclusive. Windows got its market share by force, not credit. Ms now has so much of the market they have worked on making the product work a bit more because they can.

    They can also never give back the millions of hours wasted making things work in IE
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