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    Google detected a lie and gave you the correct answer.
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    I guess it only responded to "what's my age today" and ignored the previous context
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    Well, it is wrong in that case too. @bigworld12
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    actually I am 20 years old and it worked as I said
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    @theNSA you don't have to tell it, it takes it from the birth date you provided when you registered your Google account
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    The answer is actually based on the birthdate you have setup when signing up.
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    Maybe you got the math wrong and 5 years ago you were actually 20
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    @Pyborg Arrays start at 2?
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    Learning rate = 0
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    @theNSA No! But I realized that I did change my birthday on Facebook according to which I am 25.
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    It didn't remember
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    @kalippu Because you didn't ask for your new age
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    I smell @theNSA trying to find alternatives to access birth dates after GDPR on devRant...
    I won't share the ss :)
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    Google: 1
    Honesty: 0
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    First one: How old am I? - Your true age minus five years.
    Second one: How old am I? - Your voice tells me you're old enough to speak to me.
    Doesn't seem to work with me
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    It’s obviously something to do with the word “back”.

    When you asked “5 years back I was...”

    It gave the wrong answer.

    When you asked “5 years ago I was...”

    It gives the correct answer.
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